We are a coalition of organizations dedicated to sharing resources to create more resilient communities



We are sharing the wealth and sourcing produce from local community gardens, bringing the food dollars back into our neighborhoods, creating job opportunities for Angelenos transitioning out of incarceration, homelessness and ex-foster youth with 100% of the profit  reinvested back into our neighborhoods’ gardens, youth and senior citizens.



To build an economic bridge from community gardens across LA, to share resources and create more resilient communities.

We are partnering to change the face of philanthropy and invest in our local communities together to create dialogue and share cultural traditions through food.


Health of Individuals by consuming nutrient-dense food that can prevent or reverse chronic disease

Health of Communities by creating skill and business models that allow food to be grown in the community, by the community for the community

Health of Planet by growing food in the most water/energy efficient ways possible


The demand for ag tech will continue to grow & how can we start teaching these skills at high school to community college level.  The specific skills that the world needs now  That’s specifically what we bring to the table including certification programming.


It’s about jobs and directing people on a specific pathway to get one.  What we envision is that we implement those technologies that will create a hub.  A paid workforce development program.  



“Let Food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”


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Our Intention

Intention:  To build a coalition of nonprofits and social enterprises dedicated to creating a better food system that empowers local communities and challenges the current economic status quo. It reveals the power of food and demonstrates the ability to create an alternative shared economy that has a positive impact on the local community.

 We are building an alliance to revolutionize the role of gardens in communities - not only as a training ground for food access and education, but as an economic bridge to bring food dollars back into our LA neighborhoods. The Urban Farm Alliance leverages the strengths of existing organizations creating resilient communities. Partners merge expertise in urban agriculture, entrepreneurial training, community engagement and social enterprise to activate a community-led food system. We are developing an urban food system, in which we put communities at the center.


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