Collaboration in Action

El Monte Arroyo High School Garden

The project is managed by Eco Urban Gardens, a 2017 Healthy Living Grant recipient. This life-transforming farm, sponsored in part by a grant from the Conrad F. Hilton/City of Hope Partnership, will expand on the current footprint and build an aquaponics system, more garden beds, an outdoor kitchen, a garden labyrinth and a Hugelkultur demonstration garden. The ultimate vision is to create a culture of health and well-being through a fully integrated garden. The garden involves school stakeholders (students, teachers, maintenance/facilities, STEAM, culinary arts) who participate in all the planning and execution of the project.

First Things First! Laying the garden beds…

First Things First! Laying the garden beds…

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all.

By constructing raised beds and growing food in a school garden not only does it bring joy it also nurtures our neighborhoods with access to healthy foods.

The power to grow healthy food is at the fingertips of every individual and community.

In a short amount of time….Fresh Carrots!

In a short amount of time….Fresh Carrots!

This farm teaches students, staff and community how to grow food and take care of the environment through cultivation and farming techniques that reflect nature, using methods of permaculture and agro-ecology to create healthy and sustainable communities.

Successfully proven programming is in place that has built a relationship between the garden and the Arroyo High Schools culinary program.

And with a little bit more time…a bounty of herbs!

And with a little bit more time…a bounty of herbs!

It is our goal to build healthy communities by cultivating edible gardens and installing drought tolerant landscapes that are blooming with California native plants. California native plants saves water, builds soil, cleans air, attracts pollinators and transforms urban habitats into a thriving eco-system.

The future of the farm…a GreenHouse!

Conceptual Drawings:

Conceptual Drawings:


BlueHouse greenhouses are:

  • Made from 70- 90% recycled light gauge steel (Cold Formed Steel)

  • Long lasting and also 100% recyclable (at end of life)

  • Lower carbon footprint than similar wood framing

  • Glazing have highest full-spectrum light transmittance ~ 94%,  lasting ~ 30 years without degradation for improved plant growth

  • Unique prefabrication framing allows for much faster installation, reducing labor costs

  • Enhanced airflow and cooling systems increases plant health and water efficiency

  • Can meet DSA standards

  • Options exist to eliminate all concrete use for both slabs and footings

  • Construction process has zero waste.


  • Aquaponics/ hydroponics is the most water efficient means of food production when considering maximizing yield per square foot

  • Zero runoff or waste

  • Aquaponics can exceed organic standards and both are certifiable organic

  • Aquaponics provides both plant and animal protein

  • Hydroponics can run on a vast array of nutrient options include synthetic and plant-based inputs

  • Almost any crop can be grown successfully with either method while maintaining, taste, freshness, and nutrient density

  • Bioponics is a 3rd grow option in which compost or soil can be added to a recirculating water based system to eliminate both the fish and the hydroponics nutrients.. Creating a form of liquid soil.


  • Typical yields for greens can be 10 harvests/ year (compared to 2-4 for in ground methods)

  • Advanced methods + training can achieve as high as 18 harvest per year for some crops